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The Business

46 and 47 is an internet business focused on affiliate marketing and website development. Its purpose is to give us a portable income, a mobile work environment, and enough free time to enjoy it. In other words, we want the freedom to choose where we live and how we work instead of being told by an employer.

You can think of this site as an internet business resource and a semi-live case study. We talk about website marketing, pay per click advertising, small business ideas, and other topics important to small internet business owners. It is written so beginners can understand some of the ways of making money on the internet while working remotely without getting overwhelmed. Hopefully 🙂

We hope you find the information provided useful and take advantage of the incredible opportunities available right now. We will try not to bore you too much either.

The People

46 is a girl. She does not really care about search engine optimization, search engine marketing, or pay per click. It is all content all the time with her (aka the forest). She also likes beaches with soft sand.

47 is a boy. He does not like creating content all that much. He goes over server logs, learns about .htaccess files, and researches keywords (aka the trees). He also likes Twizzlers.

46 and 47