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Why I Don’t Use Keyword Spying Tools (Much)

Tweet I’m not using any keyword spying tools. At least not right now. It might be one of the stupidest things ever but here’s why. First, I really feel that I need to learn how to do PPC effectively. Could I jump start my campaigns if I stole someone else’s? Maybe. But what happens when […]

A More Effective Directory Submission Strategy

Tweet A lot of you probably do directory submissions manually to build up your backlinks. That takes a lot of time. Maybe so much time that it isn’t worth it to do yourself. If outsourcing isn’t in your budget then here’s something that might help make it worth your while. Old Crappy Strategy When I […]

Zero Work For Free Traffic – 45n5 Top 100

Tweet Do you have a blog related to making money online? There’s a way to get free traffic to it without doing any real work whatsoever. Just submit it to the Top 100 Blogs list over at 45n5. It’s a list of several hundred blogs about making money online ordered by a combination of PR, […]