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Victoria’s Secret Takes Geo-Targeting Email Campaigns To New Heights

Tweet A couple of months ago, Victoria’s Secret starting doing something pretty interesting with their email newsletter. I started seeing unique emails from them marketing some athletic apparel with collegiate sports logos they’re selling now. The content of those newsletters is geo-targeted based on, apparently, the zip code you give them when you join their […]

Advice On Starting A Business From The eWomenNetwork Radio Show

Tweet We heard some great advice while driving home one Sunday from a weekend road trip for anyone who wants to start a business. It’s easily adaptable to people who want to start an internet business so I thought it was worth sharing here. One of the guests on the eWomenNetwork weekly radio show built […]

Revisiting Editing Documents Without Internet Access Using Google Docs

Tweet Google added a feature that I really, really wanted to their already awesome Google Docs office suite. I’d written about how we’ve used Google Docs to work together more efficiently. One of the features I loved was how, after installing the Google Gears extension, you could edit documents without having an internet connection. That’s […]

Reduce Blog Comment Spam Using The Bad Behavior WordPress Plugin

Tweet I don’t normally make recommendations until I’ve used a product or service for a couple of weeks. I’m making an exception with Bad Behavior. The creators label it as a supplement to your existing comment spam protection, Akismet in our case, and claim that it helps stop spam from ever reaching the filters on […]

The Easiest Way For Internet Entrepreneurs Doing Freelance Work To Find Customers

Tweet How many internet business owners out there buy products and services from freelancers? Almost all of us do at some point because there isn’t enough time in the day and it frees you up to focus on higher ROI activities. A lot of internet entrepreneurs that freelance forget about an eager group of customers […]