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Removing AdSense Increased Landing Page Revenue A Lot

Tweet Should you put AdSense on your landing pages? There’s probably a way to make it work but my experience says no. I’ve noticed a lot of new people do it and so did we. The thinking goes “hey, if I don’t make a sale then I might get an AdSense click.” Here’s a good […]

Take PageRank With A Grain Of Salt

Tweet We accidentally found another reason that you shouldn’t take PageRank at face value. This blog went from PR0 to PR3 to PR0. It kind of makes you wonder how it got up to PR3 and dropped back down to PR0 huh? Was the PR fake? Nope. Did we anger Google by selling links? Nope. […]

Building An Email List – Maybe It Isn’t So Hard After All

Tweet The money’s in the list. The money’s in the list. We heard that over and over again from the big internet marketers when we first started. It makes sense to me now why everyone says having an email opt-in list is so important. That list of repeat customers and prospective customers represents a long-term […]