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YARPP Is A Great WordPress Plugin For Showing Related Posts

Tweet Would you like something that automatically finds all of the related posts on your WordPress site and adds links to them in the relevant articles for you? How about if it added links to the related posts in your RSS feed too? Well, there’s a nice little WordPress plugin that does just that called […]

3 Reasons This Internet Business Is Doomed

Tweet We’re totally screwed. I’m slowly realizing that I need to write about internet business stuff and that’s a very bad thing. Why is that so bad you say? One of the worst niches for making money with an internet business is, ironically, the making money with an internet business niche. It’s even worse when […]

5 Reasons Why Our Cable Company Needs Niche Marketing Lessons

Tweet Our cable company gave us a perfect case study in horrible niche marketing. One of their recent TV commercials really shows why if you don’t know your niche you’re toast. You’ll understand why it was so bad in a minute but first a bit of background. We were both athletes growing up and still […]

Starting The Right Small Internet Business For You – Part 2

Tweet After you’ve mapped out your goals and your reasons for starting a small internet business, it’s time to think about what kind of internet business you should start. It’s much easier to work on something that you love and, ideally, it’s something that you’re really good at it too. Yup, it’s passion I’m talking […]

Kicked To The Affiliate Curb By A Commission Junction Advertiser

Tweet One of our favorite advertisers on Commission Junction (CJ) booted us out of their affiliate program. They said we were “expired” because of our low sales volume with them. I suppose that’s understandable but it’s still disappointing. We actually did generate some sales for them. It wasn’t a lot of sales (a tad under […]