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Using Google Docs And Google Gears To Improve Productivity

Tweet We create and share articles using Google Docs a lot and it’s helping us work more efficiently. What usually happens is 47 writes an article, it’s junk, and he asks 46 to edit it. Or 47 buys an article from somewhere, it’s pretty good but needs a little work, and he asks 46 to […]

Using Kontera To Increase Internet Business Revenue

Tweet Would you like an easy way to increase the earnings of your websites? Then think about joining Kontera for their in-text contextual advertising network. In case you don’t know what an in-text ad is, it’s an ad that looks like a regular hyperlink and is triggered by the content of a webpage. Except that […]

Making Changes To Our Business Goal Setting Process

Tweet We changed our business goal setting process at the beginning of the year and I’m happy to report that it’s working well. Both of us get more done now so it did help our productivity and motivation a lot. Not everything has been sunshine and candy canes for these last couple of months though. […]

A Lesson In Mixing Free And Premium Content From Fantasy Sports

Tweet We’re both sports nuts and among the millions of silly saps that don’t think watching and playing real sports are enough. Oh, no. You need to supplement your life with fantasy sports too. In case you don’t know what that is, you basically take real players and construct fantasy teams. The real life stats […]