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Affiliate Managers Hold The Keys To The Kingdom

We got the most amazing email about making money online a couple of weeks ago. Since we are doing some PPC and adding affiliate product links to a few of our sites, we signed up for a bunch of affiliate programs like AzoogleAds, Commission Junction, Neverblue Ads, and Amazon Associates. Needless to say, we get a lot of email from each program and the affiliate managers (AMs). Most of them do not hold my attention for very long but one hit the mother load.

It was a report of cost-per-action (CPA) offers separated by type of traffic (paid search, email, etc), payout for a lead/sale, eCPC (effective cost-per-click), and the conversion rate. I was floored. That basically tells you how much revenue people are making from a click (eCPC) and a bit about how they are doing it (the traffic type).

It seems obvious now that an AM would know those things and I feel like an idiot for not asking for this earlier. This information will not automatically make you successful but it is a pretty darn good place to start. Sneak a peak at what works for other people and then try your hand at that.


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