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Attempting To Cure Idea Boredom

How many of you jump from idea to idea? Probably quite a few if blogs and forums are any indication. I didn’t used to be that way but I fight it tooth and nail now. Between the internet induced ADD and all of the ideas swimming around in my head, motivation for anything new lasts about two seconds. Well, it’s a little longer than two seconds but you get the point.

Three Weeks Or Bust

I’m sure it’s different for everyone but I seem to have a three week limit. That’s about how long it takes before I completely lose interest in a new project. So that gets incorporated into my planning now. I give myself three weeks from start to finish, putting in natural break points of course. Work my butt off for 21 days and see how far things progress. After that, I’ll just come back to it whenever.

I used to do this type of thing for my writing. Work on a draft, put it away, feel motivated later, work on it some more. Eventually something decent fell from the sky with this method so maybe it will work with websites too.

Domain Name Wasteland

I’m thinking about adding an extra component for domains. Often an idea requires me to register a new domain name. So I think I’ll evaluate that site after 11 months. If I don’t have any content up after that long then I’ll just let it expire. When it’s broken even or made money then I’ll keep it. Unless maybe the name is really, really good…


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