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Saw An Awesome Landing Page On Facebook

My partner in crime, 46, found an awesome landing page advertised on Facebook the other day. The ad headline and picture tied together nicely making a compelling reason to take an online quiz. I’ll leave out the specifics since I don’t want to out anybody too much. Anyway, she clicked on it as a curious Facebook user, not as a part-time affiliate marketing type.

The landing page itself took her through three or four short pages of questions. After you answered the last set of questions, it sent you to a page with a couple of email and zip submit CPA offers. It said you had to complete two of them to get your results. She was like “dang it!”

I started laughing when she showed me the site. It was almost perfect for people like her because, once she filled out the information, she really wanted to know the answer. Unfortunately for the site owner, she went back to being a webmaster and didn’t complete any offers. Even if it didn’t convert well and they scrapped it, that’s a creative spin on the whole “vote for a free iPod thing.”


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