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The Highs And Lows In Earning Internet Income

One thing I’m still getting used to is the ups and downs in income from our small internet business. It’s relatively consistent when I look out over two or three months. Day to day? That’s a completely different story. It’s starting to smooth out some as we develop more websites but, on a daily basis, the swings in earnings are worse than momentum shifts in sports.

Last week we had our lowest earnings day in about six months. It was bad. I mean really, really bad. It was so bad that I obsessively checked stats pretty much the whole day. I’ve been trying hard not to do that since it’s such a waste of time. To make matters worse the Google AdSense website was down for several hours. Which, of course, made me want to check our AdSense earnings even more. Yet, everything was back to normal the next day. All things considered, every day since then was perfectly normal based on the last couple of months.

Even though it’s behind us I’m still a little shell shocked to be honest. When I talked to 46 about it, she was like “why do you only tell me about bad days?” That’s not really true, I tell her about the fabulous days too, but I know what she means (and how she feels).

That’s a part of growing as a small business owner. Learning not to get too high when things are good or too low when things are bad. I’m pretty good about that anyway but it’s hard when things go poorly for our websites. It’s the whole wanting really, really, really badly to escape the rat race thing you know? As long as you make progress each day, you’ll eventually reach your goals.

What do you do when you have a bad earnings day or, worse yet, a bad earnings month? I’d love to hear any strategies that help you push through it.

Pretending I’m a Zen master today and… there is no spoon.

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