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Two domain names and a host!

I purchased my first two domain names today! Yea! They are 46and47.com and what I’ll call Niche Site 1 for now. There’s no content yet but we now have hosting at BlueHost.com too.

I’m not a big fan of the BlueHost interface. Maybe it will grow on me but I’m used to the simple elegance of the Mac.

I spent $27.28 for the domain names and private registration. That’s after a discount at the in over your head blog. The hosting was $95.40.

Niche Site 1 is really a way to get our feet wet. We both have a lot to learn and this should be a good sandbox. We don’t care so much if it turns out to blow either. This isn’t one of our best ideas but it’s something we can start quickly. Our comfort level should be much, much higher after this experiment.


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