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Matching Colors for Google AdSense

Tweet We recently signed up for a Google AdSense account (make sure you read the terms of service carefully so you don’t get banned). Deciding on the number, type, and placement of ads is more difficult than I thought. One thing I have figured out how to do is easily change the color scheme. Mac […]

Checklist for New WordPress Sites

Tweet After installing WordPress as our blogging and content management system twice now, I have a few tips for new WordPress sites using shared hosting and addon domains. Setup the addon domain. This could include purchasing a domain name, changing the name servers with your domain registrar, and creating the addon domain with your web […]

The Importance of Public Relations

Tweet One of the Net Income podcasts (direct link to the mp3 file) on Webmaster Radio from last year summer (everyone probably already heard it but me) had an interesting segment reviewing the “Top 10 Dumbest Ideas that have made a fortune online.” Greg Hartnett from Best of the Web and ShoeMoney went through the […]


Tweet I recently created a robots.txt file for this site and the yet-to-be-launched Niche Site 1. Graywolf’s video is a nice primer on the problem of search engines crawling your blog, finding too much duplicate content, and lowering your PR. He’s a fan of WordPress and specifically made the video for it. There are a […]


Tweet Our first affiliate program is through… LinkShare! Ta-Da! Fortune 500 type companies allow affiliates to market their products using LinkShare. They needed our EIN but opening the account was simple: fill out a few online forms, choose a company and/or product, and get the magic link(s) with your affiliate code. We went with them […]