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Learning Spanish

Tweet One of our goals for the last few years was to learn Spanish. We both had years of Spanish in high school and college but lost most of what little proficiency we had. I decided a few weeks ago that “wanting to learn Spanish” wasn’t a real goal. It wasn’t a real goal because […]

Business Checking and Employer Id Number

Tweet We opened our business checking account. It went smoothly because we had all of the required paper work and knew what we wanted. The problem is we’ll need to go back because our taxpayer identification number changed/will change. The IRS doesn’t really recognize LLCs. A single member LLC is treated as a sole proprietorship, […]

WordPress Plugins

Tweet I’m seeing more and more that using blogging software like WordPress to create and manage certain types of websites is a great idea. It isn’t right for a 10,000 page ecommerce site of course but rapidly putting up a niche information site as a blog works quite well. Especially if a few plugins are […]

SEO for Blogs and Forums

Tweet The Working Nomad had an interesting discussion about search engine optimization (SEO) for that forum. In summary, search engines, especially Google it sounds like, don’t rank blogs and forums highly because they have so much duplicate content. It’s possible to reach the same page from the homepage, categories, and archives for example. It had […]

Sales Tax

Tweet I called the state comptroller’s office to ask about the taxpayer id number for our LLC. We talked some about whether a sales tax permit is required. The rules are really complex and full of gray areas for when internet businesses need to collect a sales tax. It’s going to take several readings and […]