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Three Problems To Avoid With Free WiFi While Traveling

Tweet We love to travel and plan to do much more traveling in the future. Now that we run a small internet business, I’m much more aware of internet access on the road. A lot of people like me do their best work late, late at night when everyone else is asleep so it’s important […]

Using Preview To Modify WordPress Themes Without Breaking Live Sites

Tweet Did you know that WordPress lets you preview themes without switching to them? When you’re on the administration tab with your available themes, clicking on the big icons shows how your site would look using that theme. It’s probably in the documentation but I discovered it when I moved the mouse over an icon. […]

More Small Internet Business Advantages In Niche Website Development

Tweet So yesterday I wrote an article about some of the advantages of a small internet business in niche website development. Well, Peter Da Vanzo over on Aaron Wall’s SEO Book published a similar, but better, article today about how the small guy can use trust to win the SEO game. It’s focused more on […]

A Small Internet Business Has Advantages In Niche Website Development

Tweet Something hit me while I was doing research for a new article on one of our niche websites. Being a small internet business really has advantages for a lot of things. What I was doing was keyword research. I wanted to come up with a keyword-rich title that didn’t have a lot of competition […]