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Starting The Right Small Internet Business For You – Part 1

Tweet Creating the right small internet business for you is a huge determining factor in your chances of success. The wrong person could run a great business into the ground. The right person could turn a mediocre business into a superstar. It’s not any different just because your business only exists on the internet. Since […]

ImageWell – A Great Image Editor For Mac OS X

Tweet I’ve done quite a lot of image manipulation in the last couple of months for one of our sites. Nothing fancy just a bit of cropping here, some resizing there, and changing the quality of gigantic pictures so it doesn’t take an hour to load the site. I found the perfect little program for […]

Getting Yourself Off The Akismet Blacklist

Tweet This assumes you aren’t actually a spammer and don’t deserve to be blacklisted. How many of you comment on blogs as part of your website marketing strategy? I’d been leaving comments on other blogs lately and noticed they weren’t added to the threads. I didn’t think much of it at first because a lot […]

Using Google Keyword Tool Instead Of Wordtracker For Keyword Research

Tweet Without even realizing it, I’ve completely stopped using Wordtracker as my main keyword research tool. Several months ago Google upgraded their Keyword Tool to show the actual traffic numbers for the previous month on the keywords you enter. For example, “pancakes” got 110,000 searches in February and an average of 450,000 over the last […]