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Add Google Analytics Differently For Sites With Frames

Make sure you look over this documentation page if you decide to use Google Analytics on a site with frames. The traffic sources for one of our niche sites weren’t showing up properly (it listed search engine traffic as referral traffic) and I couldn’t figure out why. It turns out you need to put the Analytics code in the <head> section of the frameset page in addition to the right before the </body> of the frame pages.

One other weird thing (makes sense but weird to see at first) is the way it shows page views. Instead of a single page impression, it records an impression for the frameset page and each of the frame pages. So when someone visits a page with two child frame pages you’ll see three impressions in your reports.


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4 comments for “Add Google Analytics Differently For Sites With Frames”

  1. God, I can’t believe there are still people using frames out there! They are so SEO unfriendly!

    Posted by Ryan | April 28, 2008, 5:40 am
  2. @Ryan

    Yes, frames are bad for SEO. That niche site contains a web application and essentially zero content. So there isn’t much for the search engines to do anyway.

    Posted by 47 | April 30, 2008, 1:37 am
  3. Hi,
    I hate frames myself since years but there are times when a person is helpless and then frames comes in handy. For my infant son, i purchased a domain from netfirms and they give free 25mb space with ads. The domain is http://www.amanwaqas.com, To get rid of the ad’s, i am using a 100% frame and loading an external page transparently under one page.
    So virtually the whole site is running in a frame.
    When it comes to Google Analytics, i am not sure what i did is wrong or right? Like all other site, i have placed the code at the end of body of each page and plus i have placed the analytics code in the head of the netfirms hosting parent page, that is loading my site in a frame.
    You can view the site, i have written the URL above and comment that it will work or not.
    What if the site will have two codes .. i dont know matters or not ..

    Posted by Waqas Nasir | March 30, 2010, 12:11 am
  4. @Waqas
    I glanced at the source for that site. It looks like you’ve added the code in the right spots so the stats will probably show up correctly.

    By the way, I moved the niche site I talked about away from frames awhile ago but didn’t update this article.

    Posted by 47 | March 31, 2010, 12:38 am

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