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Two Sites Dropped From MSN And Live Search Engine Results

Microsoft kindly provided us with yet another reminder to diversify our traffic and income streams. Two of our sites got nuked from the MSN and Live search engine results yesterday.

You’re probably thinking “MSN traffic sucks so who cares.” Well, the MSN/Live combo sends us, I mean sent us, a decent amount of traffic. Roughly 40% over the last month which was a pleasant surprise.

Our sites weren’t removed from the index or anything because a search for their names still finds them. Our position for the money keywords went from first page, sometimes first spot even, to who knows where. I stopped looking after page 10 or 11.

The two nuked sites haven’t changed in quite a while. All of the other sites are still going strong so I can only make guesses about what happened. A few searches about algorithm updates and people complaining came up mostly empty. Maybe we’ll be back tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath.

This just shows the importance of building your email list, getting referral traffic, etc.


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2 comments for “Two Sites Dropped From MSN And Live Search Engine Results”

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