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How To Save Even More Money With GoDaddy Coupon Codes

Tweet I have a bunch of domains registered with GoDaddy and always use coupon codes to save money on registrations and renewals. A long time ago I figured out a simple way to save a little more. There are several types of GoDaddy promo codes. Some give discounts on a certain type of domain (like […]

Using Visual Aids As Motivation For Reaching Your Internet Business Goals

Tweet How would you like to find more motivation for working on your internet business goals (or your personal goals for that matter)? One of my favorite stories from Work Less & Play More talks about how the author, Steven Catlin, motivated himself at work. He taped giant pictures of money, the amount he earned […]

How Eating Frogs Makes Internet Entrepreneurs More Productive

Tweet Image courtesy of Stephen Barnett Every internet business owner should eat a frog first thing in the morning. No, I don’t mean start your day by literally eating a hoppity-hopping living frog for breakfast. It’s a clever metaphor from a book called Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy. So what are frogs and what […]

Growing Your Internet Business By Looking Across Your Niche

Tweet A few months ago I was browsing through a small business forum for some reason. It happened to have a pay per click advertising section which caught my attention. Someone asked a question about tracking sales on their website that were generated from pay per click traffic. The first thing I thought was “duh, […]

A Different Perspective On John Chow Getting Banned From Google

Tweet After reading some of the negative comments in a review of Nomadic Matt’s ebook, I disagree that everyone should ignore John Chow. The John Chow brand is one of the most powerful in the “make money online” niche. Seriously, how many webmasters, regardless of their niche, could get banned from Google and still increase […]