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BlogRush Works Best For Smaller Blogs

Phase 2 of BlogRush, the traffic exchange widget, launched late last Tuesday night. Now that the stats are back online, and everyone can see their awful CTRs again, John Reese is getting stoned by the blogging lynch mob. Do I blame them? Heck no! I would be pissed if this blog was more popular. That widget uses real estate and, like Big Worm said in Friday, “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey.” But this is not a high traffic site so I have a slightly different perspective.

Even with my bad CTR, 0.15%, it is still worth using to me and I suspect it is for other small blogs as well. 21% of my visitors came from BlogRush since installing the widget. I would love to think my great titles caused this success but it was actually the bonus credits given to low traffic blogs. Check out my stats: 4% traffic credits and 96% bonus credits. Whoa. At least that solves the mystery I tried to figure out earlier.

Another thing for small blogs to consider is the potential networking opportunity. I still notice every single visitor. Each time BlogRush sends me traffic, I look at the referring blog. A few were spam blogs but I found some of the non-spam blogs, like richgilchrest.com, interesting. It is one month later but I still visit his site.

Obviously, the CTR must improve dramatically or a mass exodus will ensue. It is possible the “cheaters” skewed the stats so much that the first 45 days were a punt. It was only about two weeks ago that their manual blog review process finished after all. Or maybe I am just an idiot and cannot see the writing on the wall. Either way, I plan to keep it running for a while longer. The pyramid nature of BlogRush benefits larger blogs a great deal, assuming those credits ever get used, but the bonus credit system does seem to help smaller blogs.


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