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BlogRush Gives Us Traffic – No Complaints Here

I read a lot of complaints over the last few weeks about BlogRush, the traffic exchange widget, not driving bloggers any clicks. They commonly cite terrible stats like a 0.025% CTR. Well, it is time for a BlogRush success story.

We give this blog almost zero marketing and thus get almost no traffic (the plan was to write for a few months to build up some worthwhile content first). I am talking about one or two uniques per day here (including me).

I originally heard about BlogRush from Yaro Starak and thought I would give it a whirl. We signed up, installed it, and other sites using BlogRush sent us five clicks over the last 18 days. These were for our last three posts and came from five different sites. We thought it was a fluke at first but it keeps happening.

Why are our results so different? It is not because of a huge number of traffic credits. Their stat page does not show any potential bonus credits yet but it is about what you would expect from our level of traffic. The posts had decent titles:

but nothing extraordinary. It is possible, though very unlikely, that the category for this blog is not over-populated but there is no way for me to know that.

Whatever the reason we want to give John Reese and his team a big thank you. Keep up the good work! It is free so I encourage anyone not already using it to try BlogRush for at least a few weeks.


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  1. […] Even with my bad CTR, 0.15%, it is still worth using to me and I suspect it is for other small blogs as well. 21% of my visitors came from BlogRush since installing the widget. I would love to think my great titles caused this success but it was actually the bonus credits given to low traffic blogs. Check out my stats: 4% traffic credits and 96% bonus credits. Whoa. At least that solves the mystery I tried to figure out earlier. […]

    Posted by BlogRush Works Best For Smaller Blogs | Small Internet Business Blog | November 6, 2007, 11:32 pm

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