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Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 4

I made one dumb mistake in setting up our PPC campaign: I did display the ads in the content network. So all of the potential ad impressions on relevant websites were left on the table. It does not sound like the content network converts as well as the search network from reading the posts at Digital Point but that is still something we should have tested.

At least one experienced internet marketer had a lot of success using the content network through Google AdWords. He gave a very detailed account in a recent post. He had a lot of things going for him (good keywords, an effective ad, a nice landing page, and a high commission) but part of the his success came from excluding poorly performing referring sites. That is very similar to what we did with poorly performing keywords. Unfortunately, YSM does not have a way to block certain sites from showing your ads (at least none that I have found).

I spent a few days updating the landing page so that, hopefully, it converts better. It still is not quite where I want it but it is getting closer. Today we enabled both the content and search networks and reactivated the campaign. After a few days we should have another set of data to evaluate.


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