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How Accurate Is Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool?

We started using Google AdWords in addition to Yahoo Search Marketing for our small PPC campaigns. I like Google’s Keyword Tool a lot for doing niche market research but its estimates are way, WAY off compared to one of our real-life campaigns.

The tool says our ads should show up in position 4-6 in the search results and get 20-30 clicks per day at $0.10 per click. In reality, our average ad position is over 90 and we do not even get 20 impressions per day. Oh yeah, that is at $0.50 per click!

I am not a PPC or AdWords expert by any means but that does not make sense. These are exact match keywords so there should not be overlap. The quality score could play a factor but that seems like overkill. The keywords are cyclical not seasonal. What am I missing?


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