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Does Using Smaller Ad Groups Increase Impressions?

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Are you struggling to get enough ad impressions in your Google AdWords pay-per-click campaigns? We have a magic bullet for you. Okay, it is not REALLY a magic bullet. It is more like a Nerf football but this tip might help you.

Create a bunch of small ad groups instead of a single giant one.

Why? Test this yourself as your mileage may vary but here is a real-world example.

One of our campaigns on the content network originally had 1092 keywords all in a single ad group. I decided to start splitting the keywords up into smaller groups and here is what happened:

  • With 1 ad group it got 14,085 impressions in the thirteen days from December 1 through December 13.
  • With 14 ad groups it got 73,632 impressions in the thirteen days from December 14 through December 26.

Using the same keywords, ads, and bids, we got a 400% increase in impressions. All I did was cut keywords out of the original ad group and paste them into several smaller, new ad groups. The group sizes ranged from 7 keywords at the smallest to 672 at the largest (because I am still not finished splitting up the original group).

We thought it was a fluke at first but even the individual keywords consistently show more impressions now. It does not make sense to me why this should matter but it did for this campaign. I did a small bit of research but did not find much supporting or refuting these results. Has anyone else seen this?


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One comment for “Does Using Smaller Ad Groups Increase Impressions?”

  1. Same happen for me was get very little impressions then put them to 20 small groups all with the same Title that worked very well for me


    Posted by LEE | May 12, 2009, 1:45 am

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