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Pay Per Click Advertising

Find Websites To Buy Using Pay-Per-Click Data

A lot of people talk about using your AdWords reports to find high converting sites when running pay-per-click campaigns on Google. Then putting your ads on those websites using site placement to get a higher ROI. I just discovered a similar use for the same technique. Add site placements for those same websites but also approach the owners about selling them to you.

A Nice Accident

Did I come up with this on my own? Nope. It was totally by accident. I just tracked impressions, clicks, and conversions for one of our tiny campaigns.

One website kept showing up in all three places. I took a look at the site and it was really nice. It had targeted subject content, lots of backlinks, and, most importantly for us, was low maintenance (from what I could tell).

As I browsed around, I saw a big for sale sign on the site, and noticed that it looked like it was only monetized using AdSense. A handful of affiliate products immediately came to mind as a way to make even more money from it. Perfect. Well, almost perfect.

Missed Opportunity

The sales information page didn’t have a lot of the relevant stats that we needed to make an informed decision (asking price, traffic, revenue, expenses, etc) so I emailed the site’s owner. Unfortunately, all of this happened too late to help us. Someone else bought it by the time I heard back from the owner. Bummer.

Now, I definitely keep an eye out for this kind of thing and so should you. Whenever you come across something good as an advertiser, especially if it’s obvious the owner isn’t an affiliate marketer, look for a contact page. Test the waters for a potential sale. The worst they can do is say “no” but you could end up with something great.


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