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How To Save Even More Money With GoDaddy Coupon Codes

I have a bunch of domains registered with GoDaddy and always use coupon codes to save money on registrations and renewals. A long time ago I figured out a simple way to save a little more.

There are several types of GoDaddy promo codes. Some give discounts on a certain type of domain (like this one for $3.20 off .coms), some give discounts on orders over a certain amount, and some give a small percentage discount on orders. You only get to use one coupon code per order though. So what I do is split up the order when necessary and apply whatever promo saves me the most money on those individual orders.

What usually happens is something like this. I’ll have 4 .coms to renew and 2 .nets to renew. Including private registration, which you don’t get a discount on, that would come to $117.24. Instead, I’ll make the .coms one order and use the code to get them for $7.49 each. Then I’ll make a second order for everything else and use a 10% off code. I spend $102.46 and save $14.78. The most I’d save when placing a single order is $12.80. It doesn’t seem like much but 50, 100, 500 domains later it starts adding up. It only takes another minute to place multiple (generally two) orders to save some cash.

I needed to renew a couple of domains that expired this month. I added all of them to the shopping cart, put in the coupon to save $3.20 per .com, verified the coupon got applied, and completely forgot about saving money on the .net. It would have only saved me another $1 but that’s my $1 dang it!

Sitting here with buyers remorse over $1.

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2 comments for “How To Save Even More Money With GoDaddy Coupon Codes”

  1. Whenever I see a checkout page with a coupon box, I go crazy on Google looking for valid promotional codes. As for GoDaddy, I think OYH3 gives you 10% off too.

    Posted by Neeshy | August 31, 2009, 2:58 pm
  2. @Neeshy

    That’s funny because I totally do the same thing 🙂

    Posted by 47 | August 31, 2009, 7:37 pm

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