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How Do You Monetize A Low Traffic Site?

Tweet A strange thing happened with Niche Site 1. It went live, we forgot about it while working on other things, and then it started getting a trickle of traffic. This amazes me. I mean, the site has almost no SEO (bad), is on a new domain (worse), and has no links to it (terrible). […]

Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 4

Tweet I made one dumb mistake in setting up our PPC campaign: I did display the ads in the content network. So all of the potential ad impressions on relevant websites were left on the table. It does not sound like the content network converts as well as the search network from reading the posts […]

Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 3

Tweet The split testing that I mentioned previously revealed some interesting results: Two keywords, which we found during niche keyword research, delivered almost all of our clicks with a very high CTR. They also had nearly the lowest CPC and the number of searches per day for one of them was twice as high as […]

Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 2

Tweet Our first PPC campaign was officially underway. I checked our YSM account the next morning and it was missing our daily limit amount. We did not believe it at first but five people actually clicked on our ad. The daily limit was reached so soon because the bid amounts for the keywords were way, […]

Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 1

Tweet We made our first attempt at PPC advertising a few days ago. While working on Niche Site 1, we got an idea for selling a type of product for the affiliate program we joined. Some of the related keywords showed decent demand without much competition. The commission rate was not very high but we […]