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Developing An Idea-Generating Mindset

Tweet New ideas flow from some people like a river. I hated those people until recently. Not really but I was a tad bit envious. Anyone who knows me would probably say that I am the least creative person in the world, but generating new business ideas is much easier for me now. Here are […]

Creating A Portable Work Environment

Tweet Creating a portable work environment was one of our major motivations in starting an internet business. My main computer is a Mac desktop but I wanted a platform-independent setup for the times when only an internet cafe or a friend’s computer is available. I recently began experimenting with running the business remotely and ran […]

Dipping Our Toes In PPC – Part 5

Tweet Here are five final (I think final) things I want to mention about our first PPC campaign: It still is not clear to me why we have no impressions from the YSM content network. I emailed support about this and was basically told the content network traffic is irregular because it does article matching […]

Product Feeds Save Your Precious Time

Tweet A former colleague unintentionally taught me a valuable lesson about managing the content on a site. He runs a successful Yahoo-based store which probably offers over a thousand products. That store sucks up his entire day because he must manually update the product offerings. Apparently, getting an automated process in place to move the […]

BlogRush Gives Us Traffic – No Complaints Here

Tweet I read a lot of complaints over the last few weeks about BlogRush, the traffic exchange widget, not driving bloggers any clicks. They commonly cite terrible stats like a 0.025% CTR. Well, it is time for a BlogRush success story. We give this blog almost zero marketing and thus get almost no traffic (the […]