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Facebook Blocks Specific Words In Ads

Tweet I opened a Facebook account for the sole purpose of advertising a few weeks ago. No, pwning them was not my intent. Ethics aside, I am such a newbie that I would screw it up anyway. I just heard rumors of $0.05 clicks and we started doing PPC recently. I figured the scholarship offer […]

How Accurate Is Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool?

Tweet We started using Google AdWords in addition to Yahoo Search Marketing for our small PPC campaigns. I like Google’s Keyword Tool a lot for doing niche market research but its estimates are way, WAY off compared to one of our real-life campaigns. The tool says our ads should show up in position 4-6 in […]

BlogRush Works Best For Smaller Blogs

Tweet Phase 2 of BlogRush, the traffic exchange widget, launched late last Tuesday night. Now that the stats are back online, and everyone can see their awful CTRs again, John Reese is getting stoned by the blogging lynch mob. Do I blame them? Heck no! I would be pissed if this blog was more popular. […]

We Got DMOZ Love

Tweet We got some good news a few days ago. An editor at DMOZ added Niche Site 1 to their directory! That was a nice surprise because I submitted the site a few months ago and completely forgot about it. I noticed a visitor from DMOZ while checking stats and discovered our new, awesome link. […]