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Pay-Per-Click Kicked Our Christmas Butts

Tweet Since this blog documents our journey into making money online, we need to share a failure (six of them to be exact). It is a story about pay-per-click and a Christmas cost-per-action offer. I call it… The Christmas Butt Kicking Of 2007 Failure #1 – Due to an awesome display of poor planning, unlike […]

Nintendo Wii For Sale – Lessons Learned This Christmas

Tweet A few months ago, 46 decided to find a Nintendo Wii and sell it for profit during the Christmas holiday. The process turned into a nice little case study in entrepreneurship so I thought I would share the story. Judging Supply And Demand The Nintendo Wii has been a hot ticket item since its […]

Helping AdSense Show Relevant Ads On Your Site

Tweet One of our sites shows completely unrelated AdSense ads at times. Part of the problem is a single irrelevant keyword. Googlebot finds over 100 total keywords but fell in love with one bad one for some reason. It is only in the content twice, compared to dozens of times for the relevant keywords, but […]

How Much Should You Talk About Your Sites?

Tweet It seems counter-intuitive at first but telling everyone about your shiny new website might actually hurt you. Getting more traffic, rather more targeted traffic, is at the top of almost every webmaster’s wish list because it means more money in their pockets. Some of the potential rewards of letting everyone know about your site, […]

Affiliate Managers Hold The Keys To The Kingdom

Tweet We got the most amazing email about making money online a couple of weeks ago. Since we are doing some PPC and adding affiliate product links to a few of our sites, we signed up for a bunch of affiliate programs like AzoogleAds, Commission Junction, Neverblue Ads, and Amazon Associates. Needless to say, we […]