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Find Websites To Buy Using Pay-Per-Click Data

Tweet A lot of people talk about using your AdWords reports to find high converting sites when running pay-per-click campaigns on Google. Then putting your ads on those websites using site placement to get a higher ROI. I just discovered a similar use for the same technique. Add site placements for those same websites but […]

Add Google Analytics Differently For Sites With Frames

Tweet Make sure you look over this documentation page if you decide to use Google Analytics on a site with frames. The traffic sources for one of our niche sites weren’t showing up properly (it listed search engine traffic as referral traffic) and I couldn’t figure out why. It turns out you need to put […]

Thinking About Buying Some Aged Domains

Tweet We’ve only bought new domains to this point. I’m thinking about getting an aged domain (or three) the next time we go looking for one (SitePoint and Sedo are two popular places to look if you’re interested). There are still good new domain names available but an existing domain has a few potential advantages. […]

Struggling To Set Business Goals For 2008

Tweet It seems like every blogger and their dog posted their goals for 2008. Except us. We thought it would make more sense to wait until no one cared about New Year’s resolutions before sharing ours. Just kidding, our dog blogged about his goals already 🙂 The real reason is that I am really, REALLY […]