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We Got A New Niche Website Out Of The Google Sandbox In A Week?

One of our newer websites got traffic from Google after only being online for about a week. This boggles my mind. That website has no links to it, doesn’t have much content, and doesn’t sit on an aged domain. I kind of expect things like this to happen occasionally with MSN (and possibly Yahoo) but Google seems perfectly content to ignore newer websites until its good and ready. 3 to 6 months later. Have any of you ever heard of this happening?

This could be a complete and total fluke but I have a couple reasons to think (make that hope) it might be real and repeatable. I did quite a bit of research before choosing the main keywords, the domain name, and the content to add to this website. I don’t have any secrets to share really, I was just more methodical than I’d been with many of our other sites. I’ll probably write about that later in more detail but I’m doing that with all of our new websites now.

Anyway, the domain name closely matches the main keyword. All of the titles, URLs, and content closely match the main keywords too. The niche was chosen in part because isn’t uber competitive either.

Still though. That’s got to be the fastest ever for us. I’d planned to put up some content and forget about it for a month or two. I’m trying not to get too excited because we all know about the fickleness of Google.

I’ve watched the rankings for the main keywords since this website’s been live. Yes, I’m still only checking search engine rankings once per week in an attempt to be more productive. It bounced around a lot during the first couple of weeks but, all things considered, it ranks fairly high for its main keyword. All of that extra upfront research hopefully pays off in the long run.

What’s your record for getting search engine traffic from Google to a new website? Have you been able to repeat that feat?

Sort of wishes the Google sandbox was dead.

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