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Two Sites Dropped From MSN And Live Search Engine Results

Tweet Microsoft kindly provided us with yet another reminder to diversify our traffic and income streams. Two of our sites got nuked from the MSN and Live search engine results yesterday. You’re probably thinking “MSN traffic sucks so who cares.” Well, the MSN/Live combo sends us, I mean sent us, a decent amount of traffic. […]

The Value Of Owning Sites In Related Niches

Tweet Think about sticking to one niche or maybe two niches in the beginning. Your personality or interests might make this difficult but there are several advantages to narrowing your focus. How Do I Get More Traffic? Building traffic to a site is likely the single most difficult thing you’ll do as a webmaster. It’s […]

Don’t Let Losing Interest Sabotage Long-Term Projects

Tweet I just wrote about getting bored with new ideas after three weeks and putting them on the shelf. It wasn’t meant to imply you shouldn’t think long-term or scrap an idea because it might take four months to finish. What I meant was if you get bored with working on something then take a […]

Saw An Awesome Landing Page On Facebook

Tweet My partner in crime, 46, found an awesome landing page advertised on Facebook the other day. The ad headline and picture tied together nicely making a compelling reason to take an online quiz. I’ll leave out the specifics since I don’t want to out anybody too much. Anyway, she clicked on it as a […]

Attempting To Cure Idea Boredom

Tweet How many of you jump from idea to idea? Probably quite a few if blogs and forums are any indication. I didn’t used to be that way but I fight it tooth and nail now. Between the internet induced ADD and all of the ideas swimming around in my head, motivation for anything new […]