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We Got A New Niche Website Out Of The Google Sandbox In A Week?

Tweet One of our newer websites got traffic from Google after only being online for about a week. This boggles my mind. That website has no links to it, doesn’t have much content, and doesn’t sit on an aged domain. I kind of expect things like this to happen occasionally with MSN (and possibly Yahoo) […]

The Highs And Lows In Earning Internet Income

Tweet One thing I’m still getting used to is the ups and downs in income from our small internet business. It’s relatively consistent when I look out over two or three months. Day to day? That’s a completely different story. It’s starting to smooth out some as we develop more websites but, on a daily […]

Why I Only Check Our Search Engine Rankings On Fridays

Tweet The internet is a great place to waste time but I’m trying to stop doing that. At least during our “small internet business” working hours. One thing that always drains my productivity is checking stats. I’m big into numbers so it’s a real weakness that I’m trying to overcome. So I had an idea […]

What A Failed Salesperson Teaches You About Small Internet Business

Tweet One of my favorite stories in The Millionaire Mind comes from a “failed” salesman. A group of multi-millionaires were sharing stories of how they built their wealth in a focus group. A participant starting talking and it went something this. “I worked in sales for XYZ and got fired after 4 months. Then I […]